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1:18 1938 Mercedes Benz 770K Cabriolet

1:18 1938 Mercedes Benz 770K Cabriolet

Openable Door Turnable Steering Wheel Turnable Wheel Rear Suspension Model Car's  Function

The 1938 Mercedes Benz 770 SK Pullman limo was the first Grand Mercedes to feature an oval tubular frame, independent suspension and hydraulic brakes. This evolutionary 770 was strtched 40 centimeters to 6 meters in length, its wheelbase was 3.88 meters. Since its debut in the autumn of 1930 at the Paris Automobile Show, the sensational appointments and exquisite finish helped the 770 to find itself in the fleets of many aristocratic courts and government leaders around the world. It was big and sold for big money (the price was equivalent to that of a single-family home in Germany). When equipped with armor plating (a much requested option as those who rode inside became less popular), the vehicle weighed as much as 4,800 kilograms, which required a supercharger to be added to the straight-eight 7.6 liter engine, boosting the motor's outoput to 230 horsepower. By 1938, the supercharger had become standard equipment and could produce a top speed of 170 kilometers per hour; however, the armored versions were limited to 80 km/h because of the bulletproof cell-type tires.


1938 Mercedes Bens 770K Cabriolet

Cylinders : 8
Total cubic capcaity : 7.6 litre
Bore x Stoke : 95mm x 135mm
Compression ratio : 1:600
Power break (170km/ph.):155c no compression, 130CV compressed

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 November, 2006.
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